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Mission Statement

In making art, we seek to expand boundaries of our cultures and limits of our perceptions through rigorous experimentation with art forms, media, and content. In teaching, my mission is to help students developing their creative voices, by mastering their practices and by connecting to histories of art and cultures.  

The International Arts Academy

The International Arts Academy offers a traditional art education curriculum. This provides our students with an extremely solid base for continuing art education in variety of post-secondary institutions.

A comprehensive curriculum combining strong academic disciplines with artistic creativity will allow you to successfully prepare for a future career in arts.

The classes focus on drawing and painting with a classical approach; small classes foster rich learning and an in-depth understanding of the material. 

Technical skill is taught in conjunction with creative self-expression. Classes are structured to focus on technical or informational instruction while allowing students the freedom to express themselves.

What We Offer

The IAA tries to cultivate a more personal and longer term relationship with the customer than can be achieved by a typical six session generic art course. The Art Institute recognizes that the real product it sells is different from the art instruction given. 

Helena Rubenstein is quoted as saying,

 "...in the factory we manufacture cosmetics, but the product we sell is called 'hope.'"

This thinking holds true at the IAA. The product sold is viewed differently by different buyers. A serious young student with potential may need special help in compiling his portfolio when applying to art school. A retired 70 year-old woman may be seeking a fun way to fill up an otherwise empty day. A stress-ridden executive may be seeking solace and relaxation. 

Encouragement, technical advice, stress-relief, escape from loneliness, self-expression, etc. are just some of the goods created by the International Arts Academy. 

About Us



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