What We Offer

The IAA tries to cultivate a more personal and longer term relationship with the customer than can be achieved by a typical six session generic art course. The Art Institute recognizes that the real product it sells is different from the art instruction given. 

Helena Rubenstein is quoted as saying,

" the factory we manufacture cosmetics, but the product we sell is called 'hope.'"

This thinking holds true at the IAA. The product sold is viewed differently by different buyers. A serious young student with potential may need special help in compiling his portfolio when applying to art school. A retired 70 year-old woman may be seeking a new hobby. A stress-ridden executive may be seeking solace and relaxation. 

Our courses, unlike many others, are very much tailored to the initial skill level of the student as well as your interests. We do not develop a blanket approach to instruction where everyone is given the same project; rather, we work with you to come up with a path that will foster individual success.

This approach is more likely to foster long-term creative confidence and achievement; we are teaching problem-solving so that you may apply it in all of your artistic pursuits. Creativity has been cited by researchers as a marker of flexibility and problem-solving capacity. These skills are not just useful for artists, but for anyone seeking to better themselves in their field of choice.

Encouragement, technical advice, stress-relief, escape from loneliness, self-expression, etc. are just some of the goods created by the International Arts Academy. 

image: Arthur Lismer with his students

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