Portfolio Program is tailored to your specific goals- whether you would like to study painting, photography, fashion or digital design.

Portfolio Program

A Portfolio

Your portfolio, traditionally, is a collection of your artwork that you submit to an art or design program at a university or college, showcasing your skills and ideas. Visual art, multi-media, and design programs require students to submit a portfolio of works for admission, along with an essay and transcripts. Your portfolio demonstrates your artistic ability and commitment and helps schools to evaluate your potential.

Our instructors will mentor you in creating a great portfolio, containing your best works and ideas. You will work in studio conditions under a mentor with extensive experience in the portfolio preparation process. The result will be professional quality portfolio to add to your admissions for university or collage programs.

The International Arts Academy will help students to achieve their dreams. We are extremely confident in guiding our students to realize their targets and achieve the pursuit of their desired post-secondary education. We prepare our students early to become great professionals in the field of art, architecture, and design. We are thrilled to witness them grow and shine in this competitive industry and fulfill their aspirations.

Students who are interested in pursuing visual art in post-secondary schools in fields as diverse as architecture through animation, fine arts and a variety of design fields are encouraged to enroll in our Advanced Placement programs at the grade 11 and 12 levels. In these courses students learn how to prepare a powerful portfolio to gain both admissions to their schools of choice around the globe along with earning scholarships to help fund their artistic dreams. Becoming a member of our extensive and diverse Visual Art Alumni is both a responsibility and a privilege, providing opportunities to network and gain support from a creative community of artists and designers.  

 Young people who are striving to study Fine Arts, Architecture, Fashion Design or Industrial Design will find ideal conditions for preparing this in the Portfolio Classes. A good application should be captivating through individuality and show traces of an intensive, powerful analysis of the basics of design, in particular drawing. For this reason, the preparation of an application does not differ significantly from basic training. In the Portfolio preparation class applicants will find like – minded people. The concentrated and pleasant atmosphere supports long days of studies with fruitful results.

The aim is the compilation of some energetic work behind which there could be an interesting artistic personality. This personality will emerge more and more during the training. In that way, highly individual applications with big chances are created – proven by the remarkable success of applicants trained at institution.