SSAT Preparation

SSAT Preparation

SSAT Preparation

What is the SSAT?

SSAT stands for the Secondary School Admissions Test, and it’s used for admission to private middle schools and high schools in North America. If you’re looking to attend an elite private middle or high school, this is a test we will help you prepare for and pass.

What’s on it, and why are there different levels?

Because the SSAT helps test students for admission to private middle and high schools, different levels of the test are offered depending on where you are in your education. The Upper Level is designed for applicants in 8th grade and above. The Middle Level is for applicants in 5th, 6th and 7th grade, and the Elementary Level is for applicants in 3rd and 4th grade.

No matter which level of the test you’ll be taking, the SSAT will always test the same three sections—Quantitative (the Upper and Middle Levels have two sections of this, as opposed to one for Elementary), Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning. The test also contains an unscored essay that is sent to the schools you’re applying to.

The Upper and Middle Levels of the SSAT contains one unscored experimental section of the test that includes Verbal, Reading, and Quantitative questions. This section won’t affect your score; it is used to make sure that future versions of the exam have reliable, acceptable questions.

The IAA offers the best SSAT preparation courses for all levels.